“Not all silence is absence of cause
Not all stillness is engulfment of time.
Not all emptiness is subatomic void
Not all nothingness is absence of rhyme!

There is silence which broods Cause.
There is stillness which generates Time with pause.
There is Void from which the Universe is born.
Ananda shines when nothingness is torn!”

(Conquering the Brain, p. 92, 1995)


Vision Statement for Science:
On the human scale of Time we are in the middle of accomplishment of five century’s science. Nineteenth century’s science exhibited consolidation of the principles of Classical Mechanics. Twentieth century had been an engagement with Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Twenty first century is the Time for Information Mechanics. Beside the three, Mother Nature has a mechanics of her own, which would be on sharp focus in twenty second century. Twenty third century is envisaged as the destined century for the Mechanics of Consciousness. Based on the experience and accomplishment of past two hundred years this vision statement in the morning of twenty first century is a realistic projection for the coming two hundred years.

The Worldview:
Are you looking for a Worldview which is simultaneously humanistic, spiritualistic and scientific? If so, here is the Worldview where the human brain is considered an evolving organ situated within the largest intellectually comprehensible system, the system of multiple universe(s), The Multiversity. The Absolute Power, in this Worldview, is not with the genes or memes. It is not with the brain either. Nor even it is with informationally conditioned ‘self’. The Absolute Power in this Worldview remains with Consciousness which is the Essence of the system like, the Multiversity and the human being. Five key phrases in this Worldview are Consciousness, the Multiversity, Human brain, Evolution and the Great nest of beings.

This Worldview proposes five nested mechanics like Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Information Mechanics, Mechanics of Mother Nature and Mechanics of Consciousness which apparently run independent of each other but work in an interconnected manner through nested hierarchy of nature-consciousness in which the ‘deeper’ transcends but includes the ‘superficial’, and not the vice versa.

According to this Worldview the organ brain has been evolving inside the ocean of immortal eternal infinite nature-consciousness. The nature of brain-bound consciousness communicates with the nature of unconditional consciousness which is brain-independent and is also trans-universal. Self-consciousness is often used as a tool in this communication. Information conditions ‘self’ and helps its binding with unconditional consciousness. Information can alter the composition, structure and function of memes and genes as well.

Two powerful instruments in human endeavor are Mind and Intellect. Unfortunately mind and intellect have become the worst enemy of mankind because in most of the toady’s position-holders and policy-makers, those have been allowed to work free rein and only for the senses, that too without permissive touch of Consciousness. Therefore, conscience, values, ethics, genuine emotion and even rationality (which is a prerogative of Mind) and sanity have become rare in human expression. In the process, the `self’ in the being has lost its original relationship with unconditional consciousness.

The means proposed for recovery of this lost relationship of `self’ is to let mind and intellect willfully reaccept the supremacy of Consciousness, redefine their role in the power-hierarchy of Psyche and re-engage themselves with Mechanics of Mother Nature and Consciousness. The pathway to peace and bliss is probably this. Information mechanics holds the key for issues of Energy problem of the world, both qualitative and quantitative. Acknowledgement of Mother Nature’s mechanics is the first step towards correction of ecological imbalance of human creation and working with it is considered to be the Tao for environmentalists. Mother Nature holds the key for holistic health.

In the work Conquering the Brain (1995, page 115), I have tried to relate information processing and responsivity of the brain with Purity, Perfection, Harmony and Bliss. Information processing and responsivity differ between two hemispheres of the brain. There exists a vertical hierarchy of different information integrating centers within the neuraxis. Finally, information processing inside the nature of the brain and information processing outside, i.e., within the nature of the cosmos, are at variance. They respectively reflect horizontal, vertical and inside-outside issue of a system.

During information processing and in responsivity of the brain when there is no detectable hemispherical bias, the being experiences equanimity which in a sense is closest to true value of the information per se, i.e., the purity. Following this, when vertical stair-asynchrony is minimized to insignificance the being experiences fearlessness which in a sense is because of perfection. Next, when during information processing and in responsivity of the brain, the cosmo-cortical asynchrony vanishes, the being experiences peace which in a sense is a result of all-round harmony. The process of contagious transfer of this purity, perfection and harmony to another brain is really a wonder and amounts to what is graciously called blessing. That what is shared or transferred is something new, an integral of purity perfection and harmony, perceived in the receptive brain as bliss. The blessed being in sheer wonderment experiences Ananda, the ecstasy of consummation of the Essence of the Multiversity within the system brain.

While the present Homo sapiens could be considered as a brainstem-being, limbic being and cortical being, dwelling in this Worldview has already ushered a new speciation of mankind towards Homo Spiritualis, leading to emergence of cortico-supracortical being, supracortical being, supracortical godhead and supracortical autonomy. We might be able to observe unfolding of the complete spectrum of the Great nest of beings. We have started work for nine human generations spanning over approximately 300 years.

Forthcoming Book
The new book on making has been divided into ten parts, fifty chapters and is of approximately 450 pages. It is rich in propositional contents that ranges from brain-confined consciousness to brain-independent self-consciousness and to consciousness-as-such, from the composite model of psyche to the cosmology of the multiple universe (s), from transcending death to the origin of life, from classical and quantum mechanics to mechanics of information, causal mechanics and mechanics of consciousness. It deals with areas which are new in evolution, important in eugenics, relevant in creativity and necessary to develop the science of transition of homo sapiens to homo spiritualis.

Envisaging development of an International Institute for Consciousness Studies under auspices of The Multiversity

Tentative Objectives

  • To explore the human potential and human probabilities and to facilitate the transition of homo sapiens to homo spiritualis
  • To shift the Power center from the brain to Consciousness, from the Genes to Information, from the Material to Non-material. Economics and Politics have run the world so far. Let the Power of Knowledge rooted in the Reality of the Multiversity take over the world.
  • To build the connection between Classical and Quantum Mechanics with the Mechanics of Consciousness
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