“I was looking at my Mind!
Between Me and Infinity,
Often distinct, often an ever-fading line!

Passively, on itself it winds.
In action, it grows mighty wings.
Between Finite and Infinite
An amazing swing!
It is my Mind.

One day Information approaches her,
With passion, aggression and intense desire.
Captivating charm, she submits to conceive.
Through  nonlocal communication (type III), she perceives
A command to deliver ‘Form’, Which is Information’s inside!

The play of Love, Sex and Aggression,
Happens outside scientist’s box of vision
What one sees are only quantum fields!
Measurable entity, within scientist’s skill.

Born is Time, born is Space.
Visible children from Infinity’s mess!
Fields are there all the more,
As energy and matter, a gala furor!

Scientists get busy playing with them.
Conceals Infinity, how It so became!”

(From the forthcoming book)

“Space and time,
Are products of Mind
In our Brain.

This king and his queen
Move with the wind,
In the Mind’s drain.

They are ghost,
And cannot boast
When the Mind ends.

They are convoy
For the Divine to enjoy
The Supracortical trend.”

(Conquering the Brain, p. 209, 1995)

I always stand first
In thunder and cloud-burst,
I always win the sea.

Centuries' darkness wants to trap,
The light within I have,
Remains bright and scot-free.

Hundred of lions bite my flesh
The soul within remains afresh
The fire hesitates it to burn.

In cyclone and amidst storm
I stand, unconventional to the `norm',
An inch can't they turn.

Amongst millions in the crowd
With erect head, I am proud
It never bends or gives way.

The thunder may burst,
On my head at last,
It is never seen to sway.

(The Dynamic web of Supracortical Consciousness, 1987)

I always remain at the top
To pull you all atop,
During the active geosyncline.

So, on the plateaus and in the plains,
In the satellite or in jet plane.
Towards truth, I incline.

On the peak of the Everest or in the depth of Mariana's trench,
In all languages of the earth, German, Latin or French
The voice thunders the truth of my theme.

During new sculpturing of this earth,
As ocean, valleys or desert
My heart must remain, closest to `Him'.

Let glaciation erode our innumerable odds -
Weathering the igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic rocks
Or a shower fall, of boulder clay!

Even if the five hundred volcanoes suddenly act,
From the core of the earth, for a cosmic pact
My inner spirit must outshine those volcanic sprays.

During the intercontinental drift,
If the present India shifts
To a place, unknown to us.
Or the continental shelf floats upon the ocean,
With a huge quake and tremendous motion
My vision must remain perfect, unbiased.

Before five thousand millions of years,
When the earth was born out of universal cheers
The `Chetana' was looking for a substrate of matter,
On whom it can wrap
In every atom and its gaps,
To bring `Life' in this lifeless sphere.

Even if it had failed in the core of the earth,
Or in the mantle, the sima or the sialic crust,
Let it win my small little `I',

Beyond my biological realm-
Unperturbed in cosmic beam
I must merge with the universal `I'.

(The Dynamic web of Supracortical Consciousness, 1987)

Mother Nature

The first time I saw her,
She looked sovereign, vast and white
Comprehending wisdom, unbound and quiet,
All-surpassing majesty, a greatness, a thrill
Wide and unattached, benign tranquil.
Impartial, patient, wonderfully calm,
All did she know, hidden was none.
I felt the gateway of supreme grandeur.
Miraculous knowledge, delightful splendor.

I wanted to be close;
She laid in my heart, her magnetic touch
A mysterious beauty, slowly she marched,
Her divine sweetness, the intoxicating spell
A harmony of rhythm, in my psychic bell.
I saw her, above all hidden fantasies
Unraveling the secret of mystic ecstasy.
She offered me, her sweet embrace
A marvel, a wonder, the captivating grace.
With loveliness of her rhythm, my soul was seized
For ever, for her, it is an eternal liege.

I was not all-prepared;
In presence of selfishness, hatred, mistrust,
She decided to depart with a divine disgust.
I got the blow and pain over my heart
Then tried utmost, to retain all parts.

She was very angry;
She was very angry with the Devil in me
Harbored in the brain, which none can see.
A tameless spirit, terrible was her face
Destroyed she all, with vehement disgrace.
Repetitive stroke and her frontal blow
A divine violence, swift, not slow !
Her assault was straight, a splendid power
Passionate with will, her heavy love-shower.
The victorious force, an all-conquering might
She wanted to raise me, to the highest of all heights.

Finally she won;
When she owned me, the war is over-
For finishing touch, ready were her measures.
Solid and complete, I can see her map,
Untired and scrupulous, she bridges all gaps.
All trivial, little and small, become great with her touch.
Ever-alert mentor, perfection she searches.
She prefers to have an eternal toil
For a perfect perfectness, in all turmoil.
I can feel, her unfathomable bliss.
With her, in her, my eternal peace.

(The Millennium Bridge, 2000)

Individuation and scientific development are intertwined in Science for Consciousness.

Culmination of this intertwining is at the meeting point of Science, Humanity and Spirit where Science for Consciousness merges with Science of Consciousness. This point, in essence, is the origin of multiple universe(s). Multiple universe(s) form a pluralistic system, The Multiversity, (Model Links: 15, 16, 17) at the intellectually highest comprehensible level. This point is the Essence of Multiversity.

The beginning of this intertwining entails a shift of Worldview where the Power is not with the brain but with consciousness, not with the universe but with the Essence of the Multiversity, not with the genes, memes or even self but with Information. The brain neither generates consciousness nor can use consciousness. It is consciousness which uses brain for its manifestation. The universe neither generates the Essence nor can use this Essence. It is the Essence of the Multiversity which uses universe for its manifestation. The genes neither generate information nor can use information. It is information which uses genes as means for manifestation of their purpose.

As a consequence of this shift in Worldview what follows is a series of vertical inversions or upside-becoming-down phenomena. The whole neuraxis behaves like an inverted tree with roots open above into the eternity and its branches are below down as peripheral nerves. The inversion focuses on primacy of self and information over genes and memes, and primacy of information over self. Following this conceptual and practical inversion, the quantum field theory of physics is no longer to be described as having the problem of infinity. Quantum fields are seen as messengers of Infinity.

As the barrier between Science of Information and the Science formulated with Time Space Energy Matter stands the Science of Mind. Consciousness is the ground without any background and is independent of all foregrounds. On this ground, there operate five extraordinary participants, all of which are `nonlocal’; Consciousness, Mind, Life-principle, Information and Self. They operate respectively according to their specific standard operative procedures (SOP) following defined invariants.

Information-split (Model link: 13) by Mind or mind-like structure and process in nature connects the `nonlocal’ members with the `local’ players. In the information-split phenomenon, information may be compared as ‘father’, mind as ‘mother’ and space time and energy are their three children (Model link: 12).

A greater detail of the key concepts have been described below on the following headings.

  • Consciousness–Nature Spectrum
  • Structure and Process of Mind
  • Private facets of Self
  • Information and its Mechanics
  • Psycho-somatic and Psycho-spiritual connection
I. Consciousness- Nature Spectrum

Consciousness-as-such is the ground without any background and is independent of all foregrounds. Unlike any other ground this is a participating ground. It has a mechanics. Consciousness is a Reality independent of any experiential reality. This consciousness is non-negotiable. It answers to no proprietor. It does not know tow to anyone or anything. This is what may be described as the ontologic consciousness.

Consciousness may remain in the brain (system) as brain (system)-confined consciousness. Consciousness in particulate and individualized form is what is called `self’, the customized operational unit for the self-organizing system. This self-consciousness can act with the system-confined consciousness as well as in a system/brain-independent way. Consciousness-as-such, however, is both self-, and brain (system)-independent. The connection between system (brain)-bound and system (brain)–independent consciousness is made through ‘self’ (Model Link 1). Self could be seen as an emergent entity from system-bound consciousness. Or, self could be described as informed individualized unit of unconditional consciousness (Model Link 2).

Consciousness, like a spider, weaves the net but itself is outside the snare of the net. Consciousness is known by what consciousness does. This consciousness is epistemic consciousness. Both System-confined consciousness and Self-consciousness are epistemic consciousness.

The immediate extension of consciousness is Mother Nature, which serves as consciousness’s most trusted custodian. Mother Nature could also be said the executive front, kinetic pole or mobile facet of consciousness. Consciousness has a mechanics. Mother Nature has a mechanics. There is also a joint mechanics of this indissolubly wedded Biune Reality. All three mechanics operate upon respecting certain invariants which is a rigorous values-system and forms the axiology of consciousness.

Just as Mother Nature is a direct extension of consciousness, so the phenomenal world is a direct extension from Mother Nature’s nest. Phenomenology of consciousness could operate subject to approval of axiologic consciousness which is, in turn, solely dependent on the highest ontologic position of consciousness-as-such.

Five elementary phenomena are Birth, Death, Conditioning of existence (Ego), Love (sharing) and Sex (act of perpetuation). The phenomena are so ‘elementary’ that none or nothing could bypass these. Elementary phenomenology is trans-cultural and also transcends all religions. These elementary phenomena are fundamentals for shaping the phenomenal world. When system-independent consciousness gets system-bound, these five phenomena contribute in formation of five private facets of ‘self’ (see Part III) of the system.

The total Spectrum:

The ‘world’ which is definable, observable and measurable is ruled by the principles of quantum and classical physics. The mechanism of classical-quantum transition is yet far from clear. The transition of quantum world to the realm of elementary phenomenology is proposed to occur through ‘quantum discontinuity’ and ‘quantum void’, the ‘sink’ and ‘fountainhead’ of the quantum-characterized nature respectively. The nest of elementary phenomena and the nest of Mother Nature are the missing pieces of the whole puzzle of a Pentaune, the Five in One, model.

(Model Links 3,4,5)

  • Nested arrangement of Nature consciousness
  • Pentaune-Model of Nature consciousness on Lateral View
  • Numerically named Nests of Nature

The Logical basis of this Divide : Extended uncertainty principle

Uncertainty limits our cognitive ability and imposes epistemological constrains in observation. That nature observes a stratified nested hierarchy in organization could be logically constructed on the basis of an extended uncertainty principle. Perceived uncertainty in describing simultaneously the paired properties which are canonically conjugate to each other in Hamiltonian sense (e.g. position and velocity or angular momentum and angular position, energy of the particle and the time at which it is measured) is the characteristic of description of quantum nature (nest II). In classical nature (nest I) no such uncertainty is encountered. The nature subtler than what is measured in Planck’s scale could be reached by penetrating through ‘quantum discontinuity’ or ‘quantum void’. This is sub-quantum nest of nature (nest III) that deals with existential phenomena that are most ‘elementary’ in character. Within this nest the perceived uncertainty in describing observer-dependent reality is between properties of the object and its very existence! The ability to distinguish properties from the existence reflects a sharper cognitive skill. With further sharpening of cognitive faculty this principle of uncertainty could be extended into a sub-sub-quantum nature (nest IV) where in description of observer-depended reality uncertainty is encountered between existence and non-existence. Properties are totally irrelevant here. In the deepest recess of nature (nest V) perceived uncertainty in observer-dependent reality is seen to play between non-existence and a new existence! Unconditioned consciousness as a perceived reality either does not exist or it exists as a reality that is new, novel and hither-to-unknown. It appears in a new ‘form’, every time one tries to observe and describe it. Four levels of perceived uncertainty, therefore, determine four different depths of nature beyond the classical nature. Uncertainty is measurable and, therefore, could be an issue for science.


Consciousness is concerned of the perfection of the intention carried by information. The self, the customized operational unit of consciousness within the self-organizing system becomes aware of an object or a phenomenon or of itself, when intent-threshold of the relevant information coincides with concern-threshold of consciousness on the perfection-threshold of the outcome.

II. Mind

Neither in materialistic monism nor in consciousness monism, there is any room for mind. Mind originates with generation of duality. “Mind cuts consciousness into two” (Sri Aurobindo). Mind connects two conscious systems. Mind acts as an organ of communication between two conscious systems (Model Link 6). Mind does not have an independent existence. At one end of the mind there is the beginning of consciousness. At the other end of the mind there is beginning of matter.

(Model Link 6)

Similar properties of Mind and Consciousness

There are similarities in properties of mind and consciousness. As consciousness is independent of space and time, so is the mind. Consciousness could not be localized. So is also mind. As there are ‘layers’ of consciousness, so there are layers of mind. Consciousness could be brain-bound or brain-independent. So is also the mind.

Mind differs from consciousness

However, there are differences between the two. Consciousness is the ground. Mind works on the ground of consciousness. Consciousness is the nonnegotiable imperative. Mind is not. Mind and consciousness differ in their operation. Consciousness proceeds with unifying principle. It starts from unity and not from divisions. Mind cannot proceed without making distinction. Mind on its own is ‘carried forward by the stream of its own past energies’ (Sri Aurobindo). Consciousness begins afresh. Mentality left alone, leads to chaos. Consciousness along with life-principle, mind and information creates order.

The other important difference between mind and consciousness is in the context of information. Mind cannot generate information. Consciousness can. Mind processes information. Consciousness does not. There is no state of mind which is information-independent. Consciousness unconditional is completely independent of information.

Distinctive features of Mind and Consciousness are tabulated below

Mind Consciousness
Basic Difference
1. Ontologically of lower status 1. Ontologically of higher status
2. Substance category is different from consciousness 2. Substance category is different from mind
3. On deeper side, transition to consciousness, on superficial side transition to matter 3. Transition to mind to superficial (outer) side
4. Mind works on the ground of consciousness 4. Consciousness is the ground without any background and is independent of all foregrounds

Operational Difference
1. Mind works as an organ of communication between two conscious systems 1. Two conscious systems work through mind
2. Mind cannot proceed without making distinction 2. Consciousness proceeds from unity and with unifying principle
3. Mind operates on its past energy 3. Consciousness is teleological, starts afresh
4. Mind retains memory of information 4. Consciousness retains memory of     experience within the ‘self’
5. Mentality, left alone, leads to exhaustion or chaos 5. Consciousness relieves from exhaustion and could bring order when working with life-principle,information and mind.

Difference in important properties
1. Mind does not have intentional property 1. Consciousness is intentional
2. Representational property is in mind 2. No representational property
3. The ability to reflect upon its own (metamentation) is limited 3. Metacognition, the ability to reflect on its own content, level, state or creation is a property of consciousness
4. Mind can act as central `sense organ’. This property is best observed during dream. 4. Consciousness is never a sense organ. It also does not dream
Difference in the context of Information
1. Mind receives and processes information. Analysis, prioritization and action on information are done in consultation with `self’ or according to program made by self 1. Consciousness participates in generation of information. Self programs the processing of information within mind
2. Mind can split information into form/image and energy 2. There is dissolution of information in consciousness
3. Using computer-metaphor, it may be stated that the matter is the hardware and mind is the software 3. Using computer-metaphor, this may be said that consciousness is the software and mind the hardware
4. Mind could never be information-independent 4. Consciousness is always information-independent
5. Without its connection with consciousness mind is sterile, can not conceive information and deliver space time and energy 5. Without mind, consciousness is non-analytical and even non-rational. Mindless consciousness is silent and non-communicative
6. Mind owes its fecundity to consciousness and infidelity to matter 6. Mind makes consciousness to get connected with the matter

1. From mind comes out space, time and energy 1. Intention, purpose, information, mind, life-principle and self , all are outcome of consciousness
2. Local science is the outcome of mind 2. Nonlocal science is the outcome of consciousness

Functions of Mind

Besides working as an organ of communication between two conscious systems, mind has several other important functions; (i) deliberation on different choices (sense-mind) (ii) discrimination and decision-making (intelligent-mind) (iii) anchoring sensation and decision to conditioned existence (ego-mind) and (iv) storage, retrieval and recollection (chitta-mind) of information.

In addition, (v) mind has creative properties. Mind conceives information to deliver space, time (and energy).

Contrasting features of Mind and Self

Mind Self
1. Categorically different, displays more ‘feminine’ property 1. Belongs to category of consciousness, displays more ‘masculine’ property
2. Mind is active in awakened and dream states, quiescent in deep sleep state. Mind is not capable of having any experience in awakened, dream or sleep states 2. Able to experience. Self is the experiencer in awakened, dream and deep sleep states
3. Main function is to process information, store information. Mind can not read meaning of information 3. Programming of information processing is done by `self’. Unable to process or store information Can read meaning of information
4. Mind is inept in handling phenomenon and, therefore, can not experience! 4. Self is sensitive to phenomena and can have experiences
5. Retains memory of information 5. Retains memory of experience

Model of Mind

Mind falls within the stretch of matter and consciousness. On one side, mind is in connection with the matter. On the other side, the mind extends to consciousness. Matter-Mind-Consciousness forms an indivisible stretch.

If we accept the defining property of mind as which works as an organ of communication between two conscious systems it is possible to work out a model between space time-bound Newtonian nature and the boundless consciousness from which several universe(s) originate. There are three voids and two tunnels in between. In the astronomical scale, voids are interstellar space, intergalactic nebulae and inter-universal voids. In Conquering the Brain (1995), such a model has been constructed. One could find seven organized strata in the structure and process of mind separating and connecting the brain-bound consciousness and brain-independent unconditional consciousness of the system, The Multiversity.(Model Link 7)

III. Private facets of ‘Self’

Private facets of self of the system are created when the ‘self’, the individualized involute of consciousness-as-such, gets confined to the system through elementary phenomenology like, an intense desire (Sex), sacrifice (Love) of properties, a new birth (Life) for a conditioned existence (Ego) transcending the tyranny of nature’s calamity (Death).

(Model Link 8,9)

The well-known leaders of the Psyche have laid emphasis on one or the other facets of ‘self’; Sigmund Freud on Sex, Adler on the feeling of inferiority (Ego), Carl Jung on synchronicity (a phenomenon encountered in Love), Abraham Maslow on fulfillment of Life. Sri Aurobindo, in Savitri, has emphasized the role of experiencing death while alive in modeling the ‘self’.

Elementary phenomenology connects the classical and quantum phenomenology (surface phenomenology) with the depth phenomenology of Consciousness and Mother Nature. (Model Link 10)

Private facets of self are therefore,
  • Transcultural and trans religious, connecting individual with the universal/transuniversal.
  • Possess the ‘password’ for initiating and modulating motivation.
  • Proposed to constitute the elements of subjective experience (cf: Thomas Nagel)
IV Information Mechanics

Information is the currency of mechanics in nest III of nature.
(Model Link 11)

Information is neither emitted as, nor works as quantum and its mechanics is independent of classical and quantum mechanics. Many of the puzzles (z-mysteries) and paradoxes (x-mysteries) in quantum physics, in fact, could be explained when this mechanics of information is taken into account.

All mantras could be regarded as information on the Divine.

It is mind which brings information’s inside out as ‘form’/image/idea (i.e., space and time) and in the process, a different kind of energy is liberated. Information could be regarded as the ‘Father’ of a five-member family where ‘Mother’ is the Mind (or Mind equivalent structure and process). Space Time and Energy are their three children. (Model Link 12)

The energy liberated from information is intrinsic energy and requires to be distinguished from the matter-based energy, like solar energy or nuclear energy. Production of matter from this information-based energy is predicted to happen in nest III of nature beyond the Planck’s scale.

Mind-equivalent structure and process in Nature:

In nature, mind-like structure and process might be within the core of quantum fields in connection with Infinity. In quantum electrodynamics, it is said that photons around electron can temporarily borrow any amount of energy from vacuum and pay it back to the vacuum instantaneously or in such a short time that it is not possible to check the transaction. (Model Link 14)

Information geometry connects Matter-Mind-Consciousness (it is in stage of development).

Psychobiology and Cosmo-biology are interconnected by Information.

Three fundamental questions deliberated in Pransa Upanishad, and Brihad-aranayak Upanishad are,

  • Who am I?
  • What is this World?
  • What is Consciousness-as such?

This meeting point of the World, Mind and Consciousness-as-such (The Point of Trinity in Science) is shown in (Model Link 14). The purpose of human life is to find out the answers of these three fundamental questions.

V. Psycho-somatic and psycho-spiritual connection
The connection is a three tire connection consisting of
Connection between Matter and Mind
Connection between Mind and Consciousness
  • Mind-Matter connection is through the process of information splitting (Model Links 13,14)
Psychosomatic integration physiologically happens during sleep. Manifestations of Psycho-somatic connections are evident in
  • Psycho neuro immunological phenomena
  • Psycho neuro endocrinological phenomena

Psycho-spiritual connection
Psycho spiritual connection is the connection of the brain activities, through psyche, with activities in nests IV and V of nature. Psychospiritual connections probably exist in all human beings. All of us are not just aware of it. It is also possible that those connections develop further following intense meditation practice (consciously directed development) for a prolonged period. In the yogic language, the topmost connectivity is through the ‘sahasrar chakra’, at the vortex of the hemisphere. Sahasrar Chakra is supposed to ‘open up’ for the ‘Grace’ (of the Divine) when the brain is elevated to the State of Grace. The concerned area involves both hemispheres, on either side of central sulcus involving paracentral lobules of left and right hemisphere.For orthodox scientists this seems all absurd. However for the accomplished mystics this is a reality. For a consciousness-scientist it remains a frontier of neuroscience.

For sciencing this area, the First person’s realization need to be communicated to like-minded colleagues in Second person’s perspective to build up a research team. Only when sciencing is complete, it could be expressed in Third person’s perspective with full objectivity. Speculating from the background stated above, the proposed connection, consistent with pentaune model of nature-consciousness totality, is through a series of banking system engaged in currency conversion across the nested organization of nature-consciousness.(Model Link 11)

A brain-bound psyche confines its cosmology to singular universe. The system, Multiversity is perceivable when the psyche is homed inside a supracortically ‘open’ brain.

(Model Link 15,16 )(16 is from cover page of Times Magazine. 6th December 2004)

In the course of development of Science for consciousness there happens a transition from homo sapiens to homo spiritualis. Cosmology of the Multiversity co-evolves with informationally open but phenomenologically integrated brain which is the `home’ for precious psyche. At the culmination of development, Science for consciousness and Science of consciousness become indistinguishable.

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